AM/PM Taxi Service

AM/PM Taxi Service is a 24/7 taxi service that is locally recognized by the Erie County Chamber of Commerce. With an outstanding driving record, AM/PM Taxi Service can provide short and long distance travels with ease and safety. Trips as far as the Cleveland and Toledo airports to short runs to/from hotels or attractions. Click the link below to find payment and contact information.

Sandusky Perkins Area Ride Connection (SPARC)

Sandusky's newest public transportation system is the Sandusky Perkins Area Ride Connection (SPARC). Monday through Saturday, SPARC makes one-hour loops around the area to provide easy transportation around the city for $1 per ride. With handicap accessibility and hop-on & hop-off service, SPARC is an easy alternative to driving everywhere. For more details about SPARC and route information, click on the link below.

Cruisin' City Taxi Service

Cruisin' City Taxi Service provides you with 24/7 service in and around Sandusky, Ohio. If you're staying in the area for a couple of days, why not sit and relax while someone else drives you around the city during your vacation. No matter if you're leaving from your hotel or from one of the many family attrations in the area, give Cruisin' City Taxi Service a call and they will pick you up and drop you off wherever you need to go.