Great Wolf Lodge

One of the most prominent buildings along the drive into Sandusky is a giant, four-story-tall, log cabin, which family vacationers will recognize as the Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge, formerly known as the Great Bear Lodge, is an all-inclusive waterpark resort which has been called a “great getaway destination for families with kids of all ages”.
A big part of what makes Great Wolf Lodge such a great getaway destination is its giant indoor waterpark. There are several different water rides at Great Wolf for kids of all sizes. Visitors can explore the giant Fort Mackenzie, which you can explore while trying (probably unsuccesfully) to avoid the giant bucket atop, which spills hundreds of gallons of water on the climbers below every few minutes.
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But the watery fun at Great Wolf Lodge isn’t limited to just getting water dumped on you. Guests of the park can also race down giant water slides, take a leisurely float in a tube down the Lazy River, or, for the youngest of visitors, wade into one of several toddler pools. In fact, Great Wolf has several accommodations, like “zero-entry” pools, to make the park safe for everyone. Great Wolf has even been named one of the “best vacation spots for families with special needs children” in the nation.
Other amenities include the Cub Club, an arts and crafts center for the little ones; a game arcade; and a giant “living room” in the lobby, where family activities are regularly scheduled. Some of the rooms at Great Wolf even feature cabins within the suite, where kids can rough it without leaving the hotel!
Overall, the Great Wolf Lodge has plenty to offer families with children. It may not be as perfect for visitors seeking a more grown-up setting, but for family fun, it’s tough to beat Great Wolf Lodge. Book your stay today!
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